What is RSS?

RSS is a format developed to publish news headlines. News headlines together with news summaries are available immediately on publication in an internet service. In addition, all news items are divided into topical channels which helps to customise the feeds. With RSS, online users do not have to visit the favourite websites to check for the latest news; this function is provided by a reader which feeds the latest news headlines and presents them in a clear transparent form.

How to use Catalyst RSS feeds?

To read RSS feeds you will need special software called “feed reader” (e.g., Cafe News, RSS Reader, Feed Reader, SharpReader, BRE info) or a web browser with an inbuilt reader (Opera, Safari or Mozilla Firefox with a plug-in). When you have installed the software or web browser, select the RSS feeds you want to subscribe for and enter the relevant links into your reader.

RSS format information Catalyst:


Date: 2017-03-24
  Corporate Municipal
Number of series 417 62
Issue value 65.93 3.37

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Session date: 2017-03-24
Name Quotation
(thous. PLN)
GHE0320 100.0000 687.2900
PKN0418 100.7500 492.8700
GNB0518 98.8300 489.2100