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The Catalyst Rules
are framework regulations covering, among others, the general rules of the organised market of bonds issued by companies and local governments, the authorisation of debt securities, the reporting requirements applicable to issuers, the rules of introducing and admitting bonds to trading in all segments of the Catalyst market, the rules of participation in trading for financial institutions.

The Catalyst Rules are framework regulations approved by Resolution of the WSE Management Board of 3 September 2009. In areas such as the authorisation of debt financial instruments and some key principles of organised trading, the Rules will constitute the basis of the relations between the WSE and trading participants and between the WSE and bond issuers. The Rules will also have a bearing on the relations between issuers and trading participants on the one hand and the company BondSpot (MTS-CeTO) on the other.

The Catalyst Rules set out the basic rules of the bond market as a framework for regulations defining the specific rules of the introduction of bonds to Catalyst, i.e.:

  • WSE Rules applicable to the exchange regulated bond market on Catalyst;
  • Rules of Non-Exchange Regulated Trading applicable to non-exchange regulated trading on Catalyst;

as well as:


  • Resolution No. 1428/2014 of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board dated 17 December 2014 concerning determination of the detailed conditions of market making for debt financial instruments in the alternative trading system on Catalyst


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