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Catalyst data will be available to all information vendors who signed an agreement with the WSE and are interested to publish such data to their subscribers.

The list of authorised instruments and instruments not introduced to trading as well as quotations from trading platforms operated by the WSE will be available through the WSE Market Information Stream publicly available in Poland and abroad.

Integrated data from the WSE platforms and the platforms operated by BondSpot will be available to vendors who order a separate WSE service “Debt Instruments”. The vendors can publish such data without access controls and free of any charge to the WSE until the end of 2009.

Date: 2017-04-28
  Corporate Municipal
Number of series 425 63
Issue value 66.82 3.57

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Session date: 2017-04-28
Name Quotation
(thous. PLN)
GHI0619 100.0000 511.0700
WXF0218 99.5000 504.4500
GHE0320 100.0000 436.0000