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Advanced information services

In this section the integrated data on trading in debt instruments listed on platforms operated by WSE and BondSpot is published. This data will be available in real-time without access controls and free of any charge to the WSE until the end of March 2010.
Access controls and user fees (PLN40 per user) will be introduced starting April 1, 2010.

Should you wish to get access to real-time data, please e-mail us at data.distribution@wse.com.pl

Real-time data

Date: 2017-05-26
  Corporate Municipal
Number of series 422 63
Issue value 65.29 3.57

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Most active

Session date: 2017-05-26
Name Quotation
(thous. PLN)
GHJ0320 100.3800 0.0000
BST0921 99.9900 0.0000
BST1018 102.0000 0.0000